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Communication & Psychological Warfare '10 Review - Aid The Boss

Communication & Psychological Warfare ’10 Review

[alert-orange] This book was written towards the end of FM2010 but everything still applies to Football Manager 2011 as team management and interaction strategies still continue to bring me success. [/alert-orange]

Communication and Psychological Warfare ’10 is the ultimate squad management,  team talk & media guide for the Football Manager series. It’s packed with 77 pages of in-depth insight to Football Manager that you won’t find anywhere else, and whilst it was written towards the end of FM2010, I have re-read it and personally believe that all of the tips and advice still apply to Football Manager 2011 tactics.

After reading through the book over the last couple of days, it really has helped me understand the fact that it’s not only tactics that make your team a strong force, but interaction. I never pay attention to things like team talks but after reading through some of the chapter/sections it’s made been think a bit more about them. Of course my team has not won every game 50000-0 since the changes, because I am slowly putting them into effect and it will be long term strategic success.

Anyways, CPW’10 comes into three sections as you could have guessed from the title.

  • Communication – Motivating your team through player interaction and team talks.
  • Psychology – Man management skills and getting the best out of your players through there personalities.
  • Warfare – Focusing on the media to give your team advantages, yep, Football Manager 2010 really is advanced.

I do have some slight criticism of the guide though, 77 pages is one hell of a long read and for people like me it can get difficult and really boring. However, despite this being my only bit of criticism, FM-Britain have worked with that in mind, and along with the guide are a series of audio files (over 2 hours worth). The audio files are ‘spoken’ (if thats the right word?) by two familiar voices Gareth Millward (Mille) and Jordan Cooper, hosts of the FM-Britain podcasts. So if you the prefer to skim the book and listen to the audio’s whilst your playing Football Manager 2010 then this really is for you in my opinion.

One of the best things about the book though is that it has been organised in a way that you can easily find what your looking for, by looking at the contents for a specific section of just using the search tool. This means that if your ever wondering about something or need some tips, you can open it up at any time and find what your looking for.

With 77 pages of in depth strategic FM hints and advice, Communication and Psychological Warfare ’10 really is the ultimate guide to Football Manager squad management.

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