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Eduardo Salvio

In my opinion, Eduardo Salvio is the next ‘Marquinhos’ on Football Manager 2010. He is a creative AMR that can also play up front so we already have similarities to Marquinhos. Salvio has some of the biggest clubs in the world after him, and in the summer he turned down a move to english giants Manchester United because of the competition for places. Good move my friend 🙂 Eduardo Salvio is a 19 year old Argentinian who plays his trade at Lanus. On Football Manager 2010 he has some great stats with a lot of potential.


It’s obvious Salvio’s strength’s are his pace and acceleration. Any winger with great attributes in these two areas, mixed with high agility and flair is going to be an awesome player up and down the touch line. His lightening pace will scare a load of defender. Eduardo Salvio’s technical attributes are a bit of a let down but he is still developing at 19 years of age. Saying that, his passing, technique and crossing attributes are not that low and these are 3 key technical attributes for a winger. Salvio has bags of potential. I have always believed that a high determination stat on a youth will help them develop faster. Will have to get word from SI on this soon!


In my current Arsenal career, I am playing Salvio as a winger set to support. This is the best setting for him because he has all the right attributes to play as this type of winger. His stats may not be as good as some of the wingers in your squad, but I still reccommend giving him some action as that is what he will need. If you read my Marco Verratti Player Profile, you may have started to understand my concerns with playing youth too young, but Salvio is a little bit older than Verratti so giving him more first team action will be vital. I still think a tutor would be good for Eduardo Salvio, find a suitable winger in your squad who you would like Salvio to take tips from and try to become like him. I have no set schedule for Salvio, but continue to use Tugs Training for Football Manager 2010.


Eduardo Salvio starts the game with a value of 2.1 million, like 95% of the wonderkids on the game, the clubs are reluctant to let go. I managed to get him for 4.1 million, which is a bargain for someone with so much potential in my opinion. If you have the funds available at your club, definitely  try to snap him up before someone else does! He does not ask for much wages (£6,000 a week) so definitely a great long term invenstment.

My Rating: 6/10

Potential Rating: 9/10

  • Hi dan, i agree with you that salvio has huge potential, just look at his flair! How are your Arsenal doing? Are you going to post about them soon?
    .-= Laxeyman´s last blog ..Notts County Story 2014-2015: The Season Ends =-.

  • Dan

    Yeah, I have been at a cousins house this weekend, but expect an update tomorrow. It will cover Feb-April for a dramatic end of season race 😀

  • I had him with Lanus on the first patch and he was quality for me. Hes a solid little player who can do wonders even from the start in lesser leagues, will probably take a few seasons to steal him from Atletico in FM after his move irl, but hes well worth the wait.
    .-= Skacel´s last blog ..FM 10 site rankings =-.

  • Hi Dan.

    Is it possible to get in contact with via mail?

    It’s regarding a possible Affiliate setup between AidTheBoss and the largest Danish FM site http://www.fmdanmark.dk


    Peter Nielsen / OldDirtyBingoCaller

  • Yeah sure, email me lil-daniel@msn.com
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