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FM Crowd – FM2011 Community of Bloggers

Ever wanted to start your own Football Manager blog to update the rest of the FM community about how your doing or to show off how great of a manager you are?  Vitaliy Mokosiy, the author of one of my favourite FM fansites True Football Manager has recently launched a wonderful website where you can create your very own FM blog in minutes.

FM Crowd is a newest community around solely dedicated to our beloved Football Manager. It gives all FM players to create their own blog and share with the rest of the community on how they are doing.

The main idea behind FM Crowd is creation of a friendly community of Football Manager bloggers and their readers. Here people enjoy sharing interesting stories and experience from playing The Game. It inspires other gamers and helps them to have more fun and feel the real gameplay. We are all friends here!

So far, there are a huge 492 blogs and  almost 2500 blog updates. This is rapidly becoming one of the hottest communities around. Here are some of the advantages of blogging at FM Crowd:

  • Use one of the  50+ best WordPress Themes
  • Participate in Top Blogs and Most Active Blog rankings
  • Blog of the Day Award for being the most active blogger
  • Your blog posts will appear on the FM Crowd home page
  • Get many readers by becoming an active writer
  • Blog together with the new True Football Manager Blog
  • Free advertising and growing amount of readers for your blog

Not only does FM Crowd come packed with features for your blog, it is FREE, and takes just a few minutes to set up and join the rest of us in blogging about Football Manager. Of course, there are lots of websites around that allow you to create your own blog, but this is just for FM players, your blog audience will be people just like you.

[button-yellow url=”hhttp://fmcrowd.com/wp-signup.php” target=”_self” position=”left”] Sign up free today! [/button-yellow]


  • GodOfFM

    great site, enjoy readin some of the blogs on there, will probs make mine soon