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FM Fanboys

A possible replacement for the long gone football manager portal? Who knows. What I certainly know is that Football Manager Fanboys is a fantastic new fansite with features never seen to the community before. The site is primarily a blog which focuses on bringing you the best content from around different FM fansites, as well as community articles written by the FMFB team. Not only is it supplying us with great content, but the forums are rapidly becoming one of the best places for football manager discussion.

Football Manager Fanboys has some wonderful features for us die hard players so let me take you through them quickly. They come under the tactical playbook and is a cool thing to get some help with our tactics.

Positional Analysis – The positional analysis tool helps us to understand the dynamics of each role with the new tactics creator. It works by hovering over any possible position on the pitch, and gives us full details of what the role is about and what a player in that role will undergo. A possible feature I would like to see is maybe the key attributes needed for each specific role. But that info can be seen on the tactics creator in FM10 so maybe they feel it is not needed.

Positional Compatibility – The newest tool to arrive on FMFB is the positional compatibility. Basically you key in all of a players attributes on the spreadsheet, chose which position and the tool will give you a percentage of how good that player will be in the specific position. This is a very advanced featured and will be a lot of use to both experienced and inexperienced football manager players!

Tactics Creator – The tactics creator is more for sharing your formation with others and is a good tool for bloggers who want to show their readers how they play. It lets you drag the 11 players around on the pitch and add in symbols for offside trap, captains etc. This tool will come in very handy for me when I start up my story again and all of use are begging me for my tactic!!!

FMFB is probably my favourite site out there at the moment and only give us the best content around. To sum it up, all of our FM needs in one place, so if you haven’t already check it out!