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Check out the FM Pundit Newsletter

A few months ago Football Manager Pundit launched their monthly newsletter. In an attempt to send more indepth then is on the mainiste, and to reward those who read the site on a regular basis the newsletter will send out regular exlusive content.

With the release of Football Manager 2011 we will see more and more plans for the newsletter. Audio interviews with some of the best tactics minds in the community. Indepth guides on how to get the best from the new features within the game and more of the great content you come to expect from Football Manager Pundit.

Sign up for the Football Manager Pundit monthly newsletter for;

  • The latest information about Football Manager 2011
  • Exclusive guides and posts from Football Manager Pundit
  • A spotlight of some of the best content from around the community that will help you
  • Highlights of the best Football Manager Pundit posts

Discover what you could be missing out on