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FM2010 Facepack - 60,000 Images - Aid The Boss

FM2010 Facepack – 60,000 Images

I was browsing Sortitoutsi.net earliar (a great Football Manager 2010 fansite, especially for downloads) and came across an amazing facepack which features almost 60,000, yes thousand images of players all across the world. This is a massive contribution from the community and I downloaded it as soon as I came across it as facepacks were one thing that my game was lacking.

All the top players are included obviously, as well as most of all the other players, so do you want to put names to faces whilst your browsing the game? For instance, I just found out that Lauri Dalla Valle is white, and I always pictured him to be black, do not ask me why 🙂

Here is a screenshot to give you a preview of what they look like.

There are two ways that this facepack can be downloaded.

Firstly, if you prefer Torrents then you can download one here: [DOWNLOAD] , and an alternative torrent link here: [DOWNLOAD ALTERNATIVE TORRENT]

If torrents are not your thing, there is a direct download option, but because the files are so huge it has been split up into 15 parts, here are the download links:








Part 8








Once you have downloaded the facepacks, you must extract the files using WinRar to “My Documents/Sports Interactive/FM2010/Graphics/Facepack”. If you have not installed graphics before then you need to create the graphics folder and the facepack folder. Do not hesistate to comment on this post if you need any help installing them.

A big thanks to all the guys at Sortitoutsi.net for this amazing facepack which I am sure you will enjoy them. I will carry on posting any cool things I find for Football Manager 2010, and I do not take any credit for the work. Just to help my readers to enjoy the game and enhance there experience 🙂