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Dan's FM2013 Wing Backs Tactic (2-3-2-2-1)
fm2013 wing backs tactic

FM2013 Wing Backs Tactic: (2-3-2-2-1)

I’ve been managing Roma and have had great success with this tactic winning the league and italian cup in the first season, and then the champions league in the following season.

The tactic is very attacking and your team should create quite a few chances per game, but this is still very much a work in progress as I’m trying to find the right balance for the wing backs. As it stands, the defence is sometimes left exposed and due to the attacking nature of the wing backs the team will be vulnerable to counter attacks.



The most important positions in this tactic are without a doubt the wing backs and the wingers. The wing backs will be the starting point for all of your attacks, and the wingers will be scoring and assisting a bucket load throughout the season.

WBL & WBR – This tactic will not work without fast wing backs so make your they have high pace and acceleration. Not only do they need to be fast to bomb up on the wings when starting attacks, but as explained before, the likelihood of counter attacks is high so this will allow them to get back in time to save the day. As well as this, a high crossing attribute will be useful for whipping balls into the box for your poacher and inside forwards to get on the end of.

AML & AMR – In every attack, at least one of your attacking midfielders will be in and around the box and when balls come in from the opposite side they will often be in acres of spaces so high finishing is a necessity. High pace and acceleration is also extremely beneficial.


  1. Download the tactic from the button below.
  2. Unzip the file (using something like Winrar or Winzip) and place the Dans_2-3-2-2-1.tact file into My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2013/Tactics.
  3. Open FM2013, navigate to your team tactics screen
  4. On the starting tactic panel (left side of screen) click options and then manage tactics
  5. Click the import button and double click Dans_2-3-2-2-1
  6. Click the tactic drop down button above the options button and then select Dans_2-3-2-2-1
  • fiction1992

    Switch Bradley and De Rossi and pull Bradley to the position of CB. Then, just swap Bradley with a CB and there you go. that’s how I would do it.

  • An excellant team you’ve got there mate, how much was your budget ?

    • afc_dan

      Started with £1m in first season, £15m in 2nd season and got £40m as I go into 3rd season

      • afc_dan

        also got Lamela who plays AML but currently injured. Playing an 18 year old brazilian regen in his place atm

  • FM_Daz

    What is your team instructions?

  • Stretten

    Got Smashed By West Ham First Game 6-0…. what the hell

  • You WBs should be in defensive mode, they already are offensive enough with their advanced base position.

  • micul_

    Playmaker? Target man? Match preparation? Thanks in advance!

  • Whit76

    Love this tactic! Used it for my Rangers team in season 1. Won Scottish 3rd Div unbeaten and also Scottish Cup and League Cup. Lost just 1 game!

  • Has there been anything done with this recently?

  • Crap

    Crap tactic. Too offensive.

  • Benisawesome

    Crap tactic only halftime and losing 5-1