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FMC Skin For Football Manager 2013: Download

FMC Skin For Football Manager 2013

Think the FM Classic skin is better than the Football Manager 2013 default skin? Well you’re in luck as the guys over at FMView have remade the FMC skin allowing you to use it in the full fat version of FM13.

Please note, that as this is just a port to FM2013, there are a few screens that do not look quite right, this is very much a work in progress skin. Check out some screenshots of it below.


  1. Download the file from the button below
  2. Create a folder called ‘Skins’ in My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2013
  3. Extract the download to the newly created skins folder
  4. Navigate to preferences in FM13
  5. Click the skins drop down menu and chose the new skin
  6. Go to the interface tab and untick skin cache and tick always reload skin on confirm
  7. Enjoy
  • Mariuskl

    I actualy don’t like any of the new skins. Waiting for the Steklo – FM 2013 version 😀

  • amazing skin !!!!

  • cake


  • what about mac users?

    • Yamazaky

      They buy a real computer

      • 50 Shades of Greg

        we did and realized we live in the 21st century ;). The folder is in the Documents folder

  • it just downloads then is just a chrome link?:(

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