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Managing Arsenal FC

If you read my last post, you would know that I will be writing a brief guide with my opinions and info for every team I manage. I have chosen to manage Arsenal to kick start my managing career and attempt to complete my challenge. I wont bore you with the wikipedia crap, just get across some useful information about managing them on FM2010.

The Squad

The current Arsenal squad has a wealth of talent, and as you should know from real life, most of the players are still very young. In my opinion, having a young squad is great, but there are some dangers when it comes to their performances, they are still learning and maturing as players so be careful. The Arsenal squad does come with a couple of oldies in William Gallas, Manuel Almunia, and Silvestre. Sometimes keeping one or two oldies in the squad can be good for experience and to nurture the youngsters through player linking etc. There are many top players in the Arsenal squad good enough to play for any premiership side, these include Cesc Fabregas, Andrey Arshavin and Robin Van Persie.

In my opinion, the star of the squad is Cesc Fabregas, Im sure you know, but just in case you don’t he is a 22 CM, i highly recommend you hold onto him for ever and ever because he is irreplaceable(that’s what I think anyway). The youngster to watch out for is Jack Wilshere, home grown in England, the 17 year old centre mid has a great future ahead of him. Same position as Fabregas, and what I normally do when managing Arsenal is to get Fabregas to tutor young Jack. This will be great for Wilshere because Fabregas is very experienced and one of the best in the world in his position.

Best XI

GK: Manuel Almunia

DR: Bacary Sagna

DL: Gael Clichy

DC: William Gallas

DC: Thomas Vermaleen

MR: Andrey Arshavin

ML: Samir Nasri

MC: Cesc Fabregas

MC: Denilson

ST: Robin Van Persie

ST: Eduardo/Bendtner

Transfer Dealings

The board give you 29m for title challenge, and 31.5m for winner on patch 10.2, I would suggest picking one of these, I usually go for Title Challenge wherever I go. Although picking winner gets you slightly more money, you may regret it if you fail to win the league at the end of the season and the board lose confidence. Anyways, the Arsenal squad could do with some strengthening.

Defence: Manuel Almunia is a decent keeper, but nothing more. He will do for the first season as money is better spent elsewhere, but once you have finished season one i highly suggest bringing in an excellent young keeper such as Hugo Lloris or Rene Adler. I think the wing backs are fine in Gael Clichy and Bacary Sagna however I would say a new centre back is needed to partner Gallas. Gallas is 32 when the game starts but his experience can be vital in the first season, I suggest selling him after the first season whilst you still can. My suggestion for a partner for William is Nicolas Otamendi, the young argie wonderkid. You can pick up Otamendi at the start of the game for around 4m, but be quick because lots of top clubs will be lusting after him.

The midfield is perfect in my opinion, you have a host of great players for every position, the weakness is Denilson in DM, but he will do for the first season as other areas are more of a priority. You have great cover for all positions especially on the wings with Nasri, Walcott, Arshavin, Rosicky and Van Persie(depending on where you want to play him).

The best striker at Arsenal is without a doubt Robin Van Persie(or RVP as I will commonly refer to him as). I see RVP as more of a support striker than a 30+ goal a season guy, but that is just my opinion. You have two other great strikers in Bendtner and Eduardo, however I usually buy a top class target man such as Edin Dzeko to partner RVP. This way I have two great strikers who play different roles and can combine together to speed me into success. Edin Dzeko can be purchased for around 20m which is cheap for such a powerful striker.


The Arsenal squad is so versatile with players having the ability to play in a number of positions, you have a big choice of tactics to play. I usually play a 4-4-2 with Arsenal, and change the wingers from AMR and AML to MR and ML depending on who I am playing.  If it’s a big team then I will set my wingers to make more runs on the counter attack and help out when we are in possesion.

Other tactics that I have used and have worked well with Arsenal are 4-1-1-2-2(DM and CM, AMR, AML, 2 ST’s) and a 4-4-2 diamond.

Ok, I said it would be brief but went into a bit more detail once I got writing. I apologise for that but hope this guide helped you incase you fancied a go at Arsenal. Feel free to comment on this post with your experiences with Arsenal or if you have any questions I will be happy to answer them 🙂  My next post will be my pre season friendlies and transfer round up as I eagerly anticipate the first season.

  • Ali

    Great simple review of a team that needs simple work to make it a challenger for all trophies in the game!

    More like this please!

  • Hello Dan! I am also a VERY young FM player, and would like to contact you! I also have a blog, and we could both give us advices!

  • R1

  • Hello, just wanted you to know I have added your site to my Google bookmarks because of the informative content. Simple but effective. Sometimes I realize that it is difficult to find some good information about products but I think that I have found most of what I was looking for here. Thank you once again

  • Dan

    No problem mate I am glad that my site is helping people and I will carry on to write informative articles and try to help other FM fans.

  • Whats up! Fantastic concept, but could this actually function?


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  • Steve

    Hi Dan nice Site, I’m just curious, you say you’ve been playing FM since CM1? CM1 came out in about 1992, and surely you were born in 1994 at the earliest? Maybe I got it wrong?

  • http://www.aidtheboss.com‘s done it once again. Amazing post!

  • Good morning, I want to say thanks for an exciting web site about a subject I have had an interest in for some time now. I have been exploring in and reading the replies and just wanted to express my thanks for giving me some rather interesting reading material. I anticipate reading more, and taking a more active part in the comments here, while picking up some expertise too!

  • jordan

    that is a good formation and who else is a good cb to play with vermaelen

  • jordan

    i play fifa 10 cause my football manager wont work. i need a good cb that can play with vermaelen because gallas has left arsenal and Nicolas Otamendi isnt on the game so that is why i need another cb

  • jordan

    thanks for that i need a midfielder to play along side fabregas

  • jordan

    what is the best formation to play with arsenal

  • jordan

    if i play 4-3-3 then who plays where upfront

  • jordan

    if i play 4-3-3 then who plays where

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  • I was let down with the last Arsenal match the other week, hopefully we can get the points coming and win the league, Come on you gooners!

  • nacho

    I have a huge problem with arsenal in fm… i always want to have a team with an squad age of avarage like 21 or something… i sold diaby, walcott, silvester (hate him), traore, eduardo (dont love him), murphy, eboue and rosisky. i then bought sergio canales, muller, di maria, khedira, kameni, vennegoor, and areola as backup… (i know im a huge real madrid fan)

    my real looks like this


    sagna——verlameen/senderos——-gallas/norveit———-clichy/ gibbs



    van persie/wilshere—————————————————–arshavin/vela/di maria


    i know its a ridicoulsly young team and i am hoping for 4th as my best option this season. beat celict to get to the CL but have porto, fiorentina and some ukrain team so im not all that optimistic. my plan is too play the youngsteers as much as posible this season and next season get rid of the few players which i consider old and get 2 top players to cover the losses but keep the team young. i was thinking selling off arshavin and bringing aguero in…

    o and muller is a beast…

  • Big respect to Danny Fiszman RIP. Many thanks for all the great things you did for my football club, especially the move to The Emirates. A true Gooner!