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Free Transfers and Players in Football Manager 2010 - Aid The Boss

Free Transfers and Players in Football Manager 2010

If I am honest, I rarely venture into lower league managing in Football Manager 2010, but when I do, it is vital to know some cheap players who could play a big part in your team getting promoted. Every so often I will be making new posts about cheap players as well as best players to help you in Football Manager 2010. Here I have compiled a list of 10 free players that can help your team to become a force in the league.


Ze Maria is 36 years old but really is an amazing player, of course he is free, so the only gamble is his wages. He is great versatile player and can play right back, right mid or centre mid – from my experience he plays best as a right mid. His great set piece attributes will definatley score some goals and assists so he is a must buy in my opinion.


I am sure you have heard of Lauren from his history with Arsenal and Portsmouth, but at 32 years old he still does the business in Football Manager 2010. His wing back attributes are all good and a partnership with him and Ze Maria on the right side would be a lethal combination.


You wont find many great free players at 29 years old, especially as good as Van Der Meyde. He has played for some great clubs over the years including Inter, Ajax and Everton. His physical stats are not the greatest, but can play on both wings and his winger attributes are all 15 or above. His technique and creativity will be a big factor in your matches and he will be a great supplier for your strikers.


Probably my favourite free striker, Misfud is a great 28 year old striker who will score bags of goals for a League One team or below. His pace and acceleration are great, and with decent finishing and composure he will be a hard task for opposition defenders. I suggest playing Misfud as a striker who can run onto balls or a poacher because he is not suited for the big target man in a 4-5-1 formation.


Robert was renowned for his free kick taking in his 4 years at Newcastle, and his Football Manager 2010 attributes compliment that. Like Van Der Meyde, his physical stats are not the best, but his technical attributes are just amazing and I think he would be a great partner for Van Der Meyde on the wings and these two would definatley rip defences.

– Johan Vogel (DM/CM) – 32 years old

– Edgar Davids (DM/CM) – 36 years old

– Nicolae Mitea (AML) – 24 years old !!!

– Pius Ikedia (AMR) – 28 years old

– Mark Viduka (ST) – 33 years old


So, do you have any other free players you have came across that I could add in future lists? Or had any experience with any of these? Comment on the post and lets get a discussion going 🙂

  • Nice list Dan, I’m not the most knowledgeable on this but as mentioned in my QPR team guide here Gaston Fernandez is prolific in the Championship.

  • lance

    If you go onto the editor you can unlock all the way down to the English county leagues… Here i will give you some players that i have signed for a team called Formby, they are lower than the isthmian leagues!! These players i signed with the view to keep them on until i reach the blue square leagues.
    Ben Shakir- SC
    Raimundo Mendes- AML
    Mark Convery- AMC/AMR
    Alan Harty- ML
    Michael Quinn- DMC
    Danny May- DR
    Alan Gracey- DC