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Managing Juventus FC - Aid The Boss

Managing Juventus FC

As you know if you read my last post, I have decided to stop my Arsenal career due to lack of motivation. And if you are a follower of the blog, you would know I will be writing a guide for every team I manage, for example Managing Arsenal on Football Manager 2010 . I started a new game as Juventus, so as expected this will be a short and sweet guide to managing them on FM2010.

The Squad

The Juventus squad is one of the best in the world, and of course a top club in the Serie A. They have talent all across the pitch, however the squad is ageing and this is a big problem. Buffon, Grosso and Del Piero are three of the best players in the squad and all are well into there 30’s.  Some of the world’s best stars play there trade at the Olimpico including brazillian star Diego Ribas.

In my opinion, the star man in the squad is Alesandro Del Piero, a worldwide legend. His set pieces are second to none and the rest of his technical and mental attributes are just as good. He is getting on in life at 35 years of age, and his physical attributes represent this however the sheer quality of his technical stats make up for it. A player in the squad to look out for in the future is 19 year old starlet Fausto Rossi. Rossi is a young AML with bags of potential, and I recommend you set him up with his own training schedule to utilise this potential. Rossi is home bread in Italy, like Del Piero, and I think tutoring will be a good option to explore between these two.

Best XI

GK: Buffon
RB: Zebina
CB: Cannavaro/Legrottaglie
CB: Chiellini
LB: Grosso
MC: Sissoko
MC: Marchisio
MC: Felipe Melo
AMC: Diego
ST: Del Piero
ST: Amauri/Iaquinta

Transfer Dealings

The board gives you 10.5m for title challenge and 11.75m for winner, this does not give you much room for transfers but with a few sales you can build a large enough kitty. I think the best tactic is a 4-3-1-2 without wingers, and you can raise between 10-15m from the sale of Mauro Cameronaisi but it depends on the tactic your playing as he is a great winger. I think the RB position is very weak, so Darijo Srna is worth a shout, he will cost you about 10m and is not as good as he was on Football Manager 2009, but he is still an amazing attack wing back who will bring lots to the team. Rafinha is also a good suggestion but Schalke usually ask for ridiculous prices but if you can get him for reasonably cheap then do.

There isn’t really any other areas that need strengthening in the first season, but if you can I seriously suggest you buy Marek Hamsik, an amazing talented young midfielder who will do wonders for the team. He will cost you alot of money and asks for big wages, but he is seriously worth it. A little tip if to make an offer in installments over 48 months, but this means that your turnover each month will not be as good so you will be relying on competition wins etc so is up to you.


As I stated earlier, I think the best tactic to play is a 4-3-1-2, and that’s 3 CM’s with an AMC. I think this tactic will do well as Juventus have a team of great passers, with 3 world class centre mids so the narrow tactic will suit them well. Against harder opposition, I would suggest bringing Sissoko back to the defensive midfielder to give your defence some support. Another option to consider is a flat 4-5-1 as you have Cameronasi and Giovinco who could do the job on the wings.

Hope this mini guide helped you, and if any of you decide to start managing Juventus or already are then comment on this post and let me know how your getting on 🙂

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  • great post as usual!

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  • Do you have any other similar blogs and/or related fields of expression. This information has caused in me some quasi-cascade effect that has resulted in a great rearangement of my knowledge almost akin to a complete paradigm shift in the way I perceive the world. Thank you so much for this and I bet you wil accumulate a ton of Karma and positive chi due to your wonderful undertaking in this bl

  • Thanks for this info. Looking forward to another one.

  • sandi

    4-3-1-2 cukup bagus

  • J-Man

    Diego is a waste of space! playing 4-3-1-2 system, del piero is so much better in the AMC role than diego is, even playing camorenesi as AMC is better than diego! will hopefully be selling diego in jan’ transfer window to raise funds for a much needed right back (zebina is pretty average) & striker (amauri is great, iaquinta is inconsistent & injured at the moment).