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Ultimate Football Manager 2010 Shortlists - Aid The Boss

Ultimate Football Manager 2010 Shortlists

Shortlists are awesome, in a few clicks you could have a ready made list of some of the best players in the game on your save of Football Manager 2010. Here at Aid The Boss, we have have kindly create some awesome shortlists for our readers, with the intention of helping you become a better manager and strengthen your squad.

We have six of the best shortlists for you to download, these include position specific lists, as well as wonderkid shortlists. The wonderkid shortlists are grouped by PA (Potential Ability) & Fixed PA. Potential Ability basically means the ability (out of 200) a player could develop to, however development relies on many things such as coaching, regular games, training etc. If a player has -10 PA, every time you start a new game he will be randomly assigned a PA between 180-200. Fixed PA is where a player is set a PA and will always have that potential ability in every game you start!

Anyway, now that’s explained, here are the six shortlists:

Download Goalkeepers Shortlist – A selection of the best Goalkeepers in Football Manager 2010

Download Defenders Shortlist – Some of the hottest players (young & old) to booster your defence!

Download Midfielders Shortlist – Dominant players that will power your team in the middle of the pitch

Download Strikers Shorlist – Killer strikers that will destroy opposition

Download -10 Wonderkids – Players under 21 with a random PA between 180-200

Download u23 Fixed PA (180-200) – Youngsters with a fixed PA between 180-200

Once you have downloaded the shortlists, place them in My Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2010 > Shortlists. Now load up your FM game and go to manager, then find players. Click the shortlist button and press import shortlist, chose the one you want and it should be loaded into your game 🙂