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Football Manager 2010 Wonderkids: Shortlist Pack 2 - Aid The Boss

Football Manager 2010 Wonderkids: Shortlist Pack 2

Part two of my series contains another three shortlists. The second part of the -9’s are included, a shortlist of u21’s with a Fixed PA of 170-180, and a shortlist of u18’s with Fixed PA’s of 160-170.

If you read the last article you would understand what this means, but I will paste the same thing again in case you missed it….Some of this may be jibberish to you, so let me explain PA a little bit. PA means potential ability, and that basically means the ability (out of 200) a player could develop to, however development relies on many things such as coaching, regular games, training etc, however that will be a different article some time in the near future.

If a player has -10  potential, it means that everytime you start a new game, he will be assigned a PA between 180 and 200. FM2010 will randomise this number each time, but it gives you an indication of a wonderkid, because 180 potential is still great 😉 -9 potential is basically the same thing only the players will be assigned a PA between 150 and 180.  When a player has a Fixed PA, it means that their potential ability will be the same every time you start a new game, for example Sergio Aguero has a fixed PA of 189, meaning every game he has the chance to get to that PA.

Once you have downloaded the shortlists, place them in My Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2010 > Shortlists. Now load up your FM game and go to manager, then find players. Click the shortlist button and press import shortlist, chose the one you want and it should be loaded into your game 🙂

Shortlist One:  -9 Young Stars Part 2 (Patch 10.2)

Shortlist Two: u21 Talents with Fixed PA 170-180 (Patch 10.2)

Shortlist Three: u18’s with Fixed PA 160-170 (Patch 10.2)