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Ultimate Football Manager 2011 Logo Pack - Aid The Boss

Ultimate Football Manager 2011 Logo Pack

We have seen numerous megapack’s for FM graphics over the past few years, but Los Wonderkids today released my favourite one of all time! Earliar today we posted about the Football Manager 2011 Facepack, and this is another useful download for our readers!

It contains logos for ALL playable teams, competitions and logos in the game, and we will be continually adding new ones that we’ve missed.

This is the perfect pack to complete your game logo packs, and with a subtle design, they don’t add any annoying ‘orbs’ or backgrounds reducing the size of the logo.


Here are some examples of the LW Logo Style:

What makes this megapack special, is how well laid out the download page is. It gives you options to download them all in one, or by country so you don’t download anything you don’t want to! Furthermore, all the downloads are hosted on Los Wonderkids and not a third party site where you have to wait ages 😀

>> Click here to download Football Manager 2011 Logo pack <<

To install the logos, extract them to Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2011 > Graphics

  • MuckSavage

    Awesome thanks. Great site by the way.

    • Dan

      Thanks mate, I try my best to help fellow fans of the game and create a good blog!

  • Tony

    How do I install this on a Mac?

    I have no graphics folder.

    • Dan

      You have to create the graphics folder mate! Going to add that into the post, forgot to put it in sorry.

      • Tony

        Cool, done that.

        Now what?

  • Dan

    Put all of the logo files into that graphics folder. When your done load up FM, go into preferences, display and sound, untick skin cache and tick always reload skin on confirm, and the logos should work 🙂

  • Tony

    Nope 🙁

    The ‘Graphics’ folder I have created is in the FM folder but not in the ‘data’ folder. Does it need to go in there?

  • Dan

    Nope, I have my logos in documents > football manager 2011 > graphics > logos. Inside the logos folder is all the logo folders, credits, read me etc. Not sure whats with yours, I will ask the guy who created them and see whats up!

  • Hansen

    hii… i was download this logo pack… and already extract to my document>sport interactive>graphics folder…i also already untick the use skin cache and tick always reload from skin cache… but when i play the game.. nothing change… no logo… can you help me.. thanks a lot…

  • Milos

    It works well for me! Thanks mate

  • Mart Stuart

    hey, How do I do this if i installed my game through Steam??


  • Matt

    Amazing. worked straight away and now my FM 2011 looks the real deal!


  • Tobey

    Mine is the same as you Hansen. I used WinRAR to unzipped the file and followed your procedure but I get nothing when starting a new game

  • Denv

    Great post man (; Recently found this site, has some sweet stuff. Keep it up

  • Sam

    Thanks man, really simple instructions and works really well. FM2011 now looks AWESOME!

  • Joris

    It works like a charm, thx

  • siskin

    what application I should use to extract this logopack. thanks in advance

  • Engin

    Hey, the directory should be “documents > football manager 2011 >data> graphics > logos”, not “documents > football manager 2011 > graphics > logos”, be careful about that!

  • Steven

    Thanks Mate 🙂 works really well

  • Hakon

    thx mate

  • Jaoc


  • Ian Taylor

    Works for me! first time

  • Valcrow

    Does this work with Steam?? If so where do I extract the files as there is no sports interactive folder. Or any folder football manager related.

    • Huzaifa

      Program Files > Steam > Steam Apps > common > football manager 2011 > data > sigfx > graphics Done, if you don’t have a graphics folder in sigfx you simpley create one and Voila