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Football Manager 2011 Online Tutorial - Aid The Boss

Football Manager 2011 Online Tutorial

So, you’ve got a copy of Football Manager 2011 and want to play online and show your friends your the best Football Manager around! However, this can prove to be quite difficult to some. My FM2010 tutorial to this was one of the most popular posts on the blog, so I thought I would update it all for FM11


  • Obviously a copy of FM2011
  • An internet connection
  • Hamachi (Download here)

Note: You will all need to be on the same patch to be in a network game, so if you want to play on 11.2, then you will need to all have the 11.2 update installed

Step One

Decide who will be hosting the network game. Preferably the person with the best internet connection as they are who you will all be connecting to. Whoever you have chosen to host, ¬†should then start a new game normally, selecting the patch you want to play on, and the leagues you want loaded. If you are hosting, go into preferences, then display and sound, then network and tick the box ‘run as server’, this will allow everyone else to connect to the save after everything has been set up.

Step Two

Install hamachi, and once installed and loaded, click the power on button:

Step Three

If you have going to be hosting the online game, then you will need to click the network tab at the top and click Create a New Network, a box will now appear where you will have to put in a unique ID and password.

If you are joining your friend who is hosting the network, you need to click network tab and click Join Existing Network and enter the id and password your friend used.

Step Four

At this stage, the host has created a network on hamachi, started a new FM game and ticked run as server, and any one that is going to join the network game has joined the hamachi server. Everyone who is going to join the host’s game, will need to load up FM2011, click the huge Join Network Game button on the home screen, and click the button in the bottom right corner which says join other server. A box will pop up asking for the network address. You should put in the network address which is displayed on the Hamachi server which is displayed for the host.

Step Five

Once everyone has joined the network game, you should be inside the host’s FM save, and ready to add a new manager and select a club. Everything from now on should run normally, and this is where the fun begins! My final step is to enjoy the network game, and absoutley destroy your friend’s and show you are the king of FM2011!

If you have any questions or run into any difficulties, don’t be afraid to leave a comment on this post and I will attempt to answer any questions!

  • beakey

    it keeps saying unable to connect to server despite the fact i am using the same version as my mates and i am in the same hamachi. however, my hamachi is two digits shorter than theirs

    • Dan

      You should all have the same server address (the one displayed on Hamachi)

  • Paul

    Mate just use the same server address as hamachi

  • Ben

    Can you play using a network game if one of your friends is on a Mac and you are on a PC?

    • Dan

      There shouldn’t be a problem between playing with someone on a Mac.

      Give it a go and let me know.

  • Tee

    Thanks man! This walkthrough was a lifesaver. Me and my buddy were up and running in minutes…

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  • Pavle


    My friend and I are uselessly trying to connect via hamachi, because every time I am trying to connect on his game, IT SHOWS UNABLE TO CONNECT!!! Is it a problem that my friend has a dymanical ip adress? We done everything that you wrote, but it doesnt work. We also have different Network ID adresses, is that normal?

    I am hoping to hearing from you soon! Thanks

  • we love you hamburg we do

  • non of you buisnes

    hello and i am a massive fan of Manchester united and i watch every game on TV and i cant stop and is not crazy because every one should

  • Harry

    Do you need to have installed Steam to be able to play?

  • Brian

    Hey, me and my friend have tried this dozens of times, but it never works, when trying to join his server it always comes up with ‘Unable To Connect To Server’. We’ve tried everything we could think of and I’ve tried being the host.

    Do you have any idea what we’re doing wrong and how we could get it to work?

  • MrSlow

    Prolly your firewall

  • callum

    do i download the managed or unmanaged hamachi?

  • perke

    Mate …
    1. Do we need to install the game via steam or in offline mode ?? ( we have a russian pack downloaded from some torrent )
    2.Do me and my mate must have same Network ID when we enter Hamachi or we just need to copy the of the one who created the game in FM11 ( i mean his Network ID )
    please help .. maybe you missed something , or didnt say something … our firewall is off btw …

  • Nath

    Orite pal,
    me n my mate have both tried to do what u have said but all the time it says cannot connect to server and we have done everything you have said numerous times but we caint join each other.

    Any ideas what were doing wrong because iv done everything uv said

  • Riyadh

    hi, I managed to connect, but I’ve had a saved game with my friend, now I dont know how he takes his team…please help me

  • Barnoff

    been using hamachi for some years now but for the passed 5 months started having probs like blue light in stead of green and then boots my mate out
    was wondering if u no of something else i could use in stead of hamachi or for when hamachis not working

  • Unknown

    If your connection is poor you will be unable to connect to the host so the person with the strongest connection should host. as long as you have fm 11 and the same patch it doesnt matter if you install it via steam or not. just make sure the host clicks run as server. its all about good connection

  • Dan B

    Can you seriously play online with this?.. like from different houses/towns/cities
    Which hamatchi do you need? managed or unmanaged?

  • I love Hamachi, it makes things so much easier when connecting to friends on football manager. Good post.

  • michael

    hi there me and my mate are trying to play online but think we might be missing sumnink?? i am the host and he trying to join it but he cant for some reason and i have the best internet?? HELP!!