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Killer Tactic Tips, Guides & Downloads - Aid The Boss

Killer Tactic Tips, Guides & Downloads

Tactics are the key to success in Football Manager 2011 without a doubt. A team full with world class players still depend on the right tactics, and vice versa. There are a huge amount of tweaks you can make to your tactics in FM2011, I have put together some of the best articles, guides and downloads to help you become a master tactician!

Let me start by saying FM-Britain are the ultimate authority for FM tactics. They have been around for a couple of years and have hundreds of in-depth articles to help you become a better manager. One of my personal favourite FM fansites!

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Tactic Guides & Tips

  • How To Set Up A Back Four – This is one of the latest articles from FM-Britain and goes over some tips and techniques for setting up an effective back four in FM11.
  • Match Preparation – Fellow blogger Vitaly from TrueFM talks us through match preparation in Football Manager 2011. This is quite a new feature in FM but Vitaly gives us some good tips!
  • Intro to Formations and Tactics – An amazing guide over at FM-Base, it contains lots of information to help beginners and experienced players to understand the tactical side of FM.
  • FM2011 Training Masterclass – This is the most in-depth guide to training I have seen. It is a great guide filled with tips on effective training and helped me understand training a lot more.
  • Chalkboard Analysis – My good friend Thomas Levin from FM Pundit wrote a good guide on chalkboard analysis, a new feature in FM2011. Chalkboard analysis is a great way to improve your tactics!

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Tactic Downloads

  • 4-3-2-1 Tactic – Vitaly is a respected FM blogger in the community and he decided to share his tactic with his blog readers. Lots of the comments are positive so it looks like it has good success.
  • Tactical Theorems & Frameworks – This is a monster e-book from the guys over at FM-Britain. Although the latest one was written for FM2010, it all still applies to FM2011 so I definitely recommend it.
  • Mr Hough Wingers Tactic – Yet again Mr Hough impresses us with his awesome tactics. Last year his tactics were downloaded over 50,000 times so it shows how popular they are!
  • Ghost Tactic – Probably the most popular tactic of FM11 so far, this was posted over at the SI Games forums, I tested it myself for a while and had some great success with it.
  • Ultimate FM Walkthrough Guide – This is a 132 page e-book for FM2011, although it’s not all about tactics, the tactic sections are awesome and go into lots of detail so check it out.