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Football Manager 2012 Facepack - Aid The Boss

Football Manager 2012 Facepack

This download contains over 80,000, yes 80,000 images for almost every player in Football Manager 2012 which is superb and will really make your game look a lot better when playing. There are a number of ways you can download this facepack and as you can imagine, it’s a huge file so it will take a while, but trust me it will be worth it!

Our Cut Out Faces Megapack is the biggest collection of Football Manager Player Faces available. All players are available in the default cut out style. When you download it you’ll receive well over 100,000 new player faces to spice up your copy of Football Manager.


  1. Download the facepacks from the button above and unzip the download using a program such as Winzip or Winrar.
  2. Once unzipped, create a folder called ‘Facepacks’ and place the unzipped files into this newly created folder
  3.  Place this Facepacks folder in My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2012/Graphics (You may need to create the ‘Graphics’ folder if it isn’t there already.
  4. Open up Football Manager 2012 and navigate to preferences and then the display and sound settings
  5. Tick ‘always reload skin on confirm’ and un tick ‘skin cache’
  6. The faces should now appear in-game, note: you may need to start a new game for the changes to take effect

What next?

Now you have downloaded this great set of Football Manager 2012 logos, you may want to spice up your game even more with logos, kits and skins. If so, head on over to our Football Manager 2012 downloads page where you can grab them all!

  • ChelseaMania

    Anybody can help concerning the unzipping?..Tried 7 zip to no avail.Am using windows 7..Any link where i can download and unzip the pack plzzzzzz?

  • Saviour of facepack zipping

    Try this software “hjsplit”. Join all the files from 001 to 007 then unzip the joined file using winRar or winZip or anything. This works 🙂

  • Tomaaa

    Does anybody know how to install this on a Mac? Can’t get it working 🙁

  • Mike

    As above, didn’t work first time. But you don’t need to join the files together… just make sure 7Zip is installed, then hold down Ctrl and select all seven downloaded files, right click, choose 7Zip and then Extract. Worked fine.

  • nighifjojhhgoglbogifif

  • neil

    “cannot open as archive”… what does it mean? and how does the file look like when it has successfully extracted? anyone? please!!!!

  • Edmund

    I cut and paste the ‘LWLogos’11’ and ‘sortitoutsi’ folders into C:\Program Files (x86)\SEGA\Football Manager 2012\graphics
    but when I start a new game, the faces and logos still doesn’t load.
    Can anyone help me?

  • dead link to download

  • Mickey Mansai

    why post a dead link you moron