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Football Manager 2012 Grid Tactic - Aid The Boss

Football Manager 2012 Grid Tactic

Created by Tacktikzz from FM Tactical Newspaper, this is easily one of the best tactics I’ve ever used and I’ve had hundreds of tweets on Twitter asking me to share the tactic I am using to great success with Arsenal.

For those who wan’t to know more about the theory behind the tactic and how to best implement it, please read the original creation at FM Tactical Newspaper which you can find here.


The tactic is a 4-1-2-3 with 3 strikers and is set up in a grid system in order to get the best out of the team. Here is a screenshot of the formation.

My Success

I just started a game with my beloved Arsenal on FM2012 and implemented this tactic. My signings were as follows:

Hulk – AMRL/ST – £32m

Nevan Subotic – DC – £13m

Radja Nainggolan – MC/DM – £15m

Robin Van Persie is playing the central striker out of the three and is the focal point of the attack. In the first 4 games of the season he has scored an amazing 14 goals. Yes, 14 goals! This tactic is dynamite and goals galore.

Here is a screenshot of my starting XI under the grid system tactic:


You can download this tactic and import it on the tactics screen on FM and away you go.


I’ve had a lot of people ask me how to install the tactic once downloaded so here is a quick mini tutorial explaining how to do so.

  1. Download the tactic from the link above. Once downloaded, place the FM12GridTactic.tac file into My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2012/Tactics. (If there is no tactics folder there, create one yourself)
  2. Open FM2012 and load your save
  3. Go to your teams tactic screen and on the left hand side of the screen there is long rectangular box called ‘Starting Tactic’, just underneath this there is a button titled ‘Options’, click that and then click ‘Manage Tactics’. Look at the pictures below if you can’t find it.
  4. Once the manage tactics box has popped up, navigate to the folder you put the FM12GridTactic.tac file in and then select it and click ok.
  5. Now the tactic is imported and you can select it by clicking FM12GridTactic on the tactic drop down menu just at the top of the ‘Starting Tactic’ box.

  • Tom

    I’ll be interested to see if your formation continues to be successful if Van Persie gets injured

  • Corey

    The question is: can my San Marino National Team succeed with this formation, considering the distinct lack of Robin Van Persie?

    • Filip

      You sir are a legend! xD

    • I’m sure your San Marino team could sweep all before it using that system–with or without a Van Persie!

  • William

    This is not 100% sure-kill tactic. With my own tactic, I used Chelsea with Torres at the vocal with 1 striker, in my second season he scored 76 goals in all competitions and won all the award. All tactic is great, depends how you use it.

  • Ege

    Looks like a good tactic,but ”Il Devasto” is my favourite 🙂

  • tom

    any option for a mac download??

  • Micky

    I have downloaded and followed all the instructions, I click on the “play” button to use the tactic on match prep, and its fine, until i go to start a match it refers back to my old tactic and i can use it??

    Also on the select tactics bit next to the name of the tactic there is a big C in the left hand corner?

    Does this mean i have downloaded it wrong? As it does not seem to want to work on my game

  • This tactic is amazing.

    With York I am winning 7/8/9/10-1 every time. And managing San marino I was 3-1 up against Hungary in first game incharge (drew 3-3 ).

    My top scorer at York is on 68 goal and it’s only January. Now that is amazing. On +100 goals. Beat accrington 6-0 in fa cup. Beat darlo 10-1.

    This is by far the best tactic on the game.

  • Al

    Doens’t work for me, practice game against “B” team went 1-1

  • Al

    Besides that, it injures ALOT of my players, just got 3 injuries before halftime.

  • Peters

    Hahahah, just lost 3-1 against a lower league team, this just turned to the worst tactic ive ever seen!

  • PeterPIk

    Nothing but a cornerbug. Scores 80% of all my goals on corners with this tactic, tried with another setup and same corner settings and youll still dominate.

  • Liam

    Just drew 1-1 to a poorer team who had 9 men for over an hour, this tactic is very, very poor.

  • I used Wilfried in the focal position for Vitesse, scored 38 in 25 so far this season.. works a treat!

  • Alex Cadman

    can you tell me the equivalent roles to the arrows please because i dont usually use classic ? TY

  • ChrisH

    The link for the download appears to be faulty according to my macbook… Help?

  • m mabe

    i want to convert this to a proper fm2012 tactic, i.e, proper player roles, player instructions and no arrows.

    any ideas anyone?

  • Isaac

    This is the best tactic ever. I scored 199 goals in a season and conceded 26. works great with Madrid but It doesn’t favour wingers.

  • rizal

    this is the best tactic ever. i used it to arsenal and never lose since it….

  • Filmer

    What team talk and match prep did you use?

  • All the bosses here..I have found a Tactic in FM BASE !!! A flankless 4-1-2-2-1..I used this in my Real madrid save and it didnt disappointed me..but I would like to have review from You People here..help me out with this one Please !!!!

    Here is the link to it..