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Football Manager 2012 Online: The Tutorial

Tutorial: How To Play Football Manager 2012 Online

A question that I am repeatedly asked is how to play Football Manager 2012 online. Playing against your friends online is a great fun and the only way to prove to your friends that you are the best manager around.

In this short tutorial, I will explain exactly how you can play Football Manager 2012 online.

Football Manager 2012 Online: The Basics

Note: To play online,  you and your friends need to be using the same FM2012 patch/version.

  1. Download Hamachi. Hamachi is a great tool to connect your computers as if they were both on the same network. You can get it free from here.
  2. Install Hamachi and once opened, click the power on button and set up your account.
  3. Decide who will be the host and then follow the appropriate steps coming up.


  1. Start a new saved game in Football Manager 2012 as usual, but make sure ‘run as server’ is ticked in preferences. This will allow others to join your Football Manager 2012 online game.
  2. Open Hamachi, click network and then ‘create a new network’.
  3. Choose a name and password that your friends will use to connect.
  4. Give your friends the unique name and password along with the IP address found on Hamachi next to your username.
  5. Tell your friends to follow the ‘joining a game’ steps below and wait patiently.


  1. Get the network name, password and IP address that the host has just setup using Hamachi.
  2. Open Hamachi, click network then ‘join an existing network’
  3. Enter the name and password from the host.
  4. Load up FM2012, select the join network game option on the home screen and then enter the IP address shared by the host.
  5. Choose your team and your ready to go.

Football Manager 2012 Online Tip

The host should untick ‘move matches for TV’ in the FM2012 preferences which will enable all matches to be played at the same time and therefore saving time for all members of the online game.

Thanks for reading the tutorial and I hope it helps! If you have any trouble, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or get in touch with me on Twitter

  • Kane

    does it work between mac and pc? and steam and not steam?

  • Abdullah

    Thank you for the turorial .. But why isn’t there a offical way to play online like steam for the game ?

  • jason szyman

    u talk shit……it doesnt even work………..just keeps saying server does not exist

    • Pharce

      Jason – yes it does. Worked first time for me. You’re obviously incapable of following simple instructions numbnuts.

  • Kasey

    Half of it worked but when it came to putting in the IP address in football manager it doesnt work.

  • There’s certainly a great deal to learn about this subject. I like all of the points you’ve