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Football Manager 2012 Tactics - Aid The Boss

Football Manager 2012 Tactics

If you can’t be bothered or are struggling to make your own tactics for Football Manager 2012 then your in the right place. Here is a selection of some of the hottest tactics for FM2012 that will ensure your club’s success.

The Grid Tactic

You’ve all heard of it by now but if you haven’t, the grid tactic is being dubbed one of the best ever created for the Football Manager series. People managing in leagues all over the world have reported success with it as well as a crazy amount of goals. Robin Van Persie scored over 80 goals in one season for me so if your curious then check it out!


Goals Galore 2012

Found over at FM-Base again but this time created by Koflok, this is a wonderful tactic that I myself have used in the past. It aims to generate a lot of chances for your team throughout the match so check it out.


Wenger Style

Created by JP Woody and found over on FM-Base, this tactic has proved to be extremely popular. It is based on a 4-2-3-1 formation and is an attempt to emulate the system and system deployed by Wenger at Arsenal.