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Football Manager 2012 Tips - Aid The Boss

Football Manager 2012 Tips

Having some great Football Manager 2012 tips at hand is a good way to improve yourself as a manager and take your team to success. Tips can range from player recommendations to how to run the club, so here is a selection of our favourite.

Become a Pro Football Manager in 7 Days

At the top of the page on this site is the signup form for our eCourse ‘Become a pro Football Manager in 7 days’. If you decide to sign up, we will share a host of amazing tips with you every day for a week and then exclusive tips on a bi-weekly basis after that. If interested, simply sign up using the form in the black box at the top of the page.

Player Tips

Football Manager 2012 Wonderkids – Check out our list of the hottest youngsters on FM2012. We have chosen roughly 100 wonderkids with great potential and sorted them by positions to make it easy for you to buy. We have also added a downloadable shortlist which can be imported right into your game.

Football Manager 2012 Free Players – Another player list we have provided is the FM2012 freebies list. This contains over 100 free players at the start of your game ranging in all ages enabling you to pick up a bargain early on. This also has a downloadable shortlist on offer.

Football Manager 2012 Regen Dates – If you prefer to scout for your youngsters rather than looking at player recommendations then check out our list of regeneration dates for Football Manager. This is a list of dates on when regens from specific countries spawn allowing you to scout the talent before the other big clubs come sniffing.

General Tips

Using Reminders in FM2012 – A short guide to using reminders in Football Manager 2012. Reminders can benefit your club in a number of different areas so find out how to set them up and how to use them effectively.

Money Tips

5 Basic Steps to the Moneyball Approach in Football Manager – If you’ve ever wondered whether the ‘moneyball’ approach which brought a lot of success to a baseball team could be a applied to FM2012 then this great article by Tom from FM Pundit will be perfect for you.

Money Making Tips – A few of the best ways to make more money for your club and increase the profits you earn. Using these simple tricks will enable you to afford that player you’ve always desired.

Money Saving Tips – A number of tips on how you can plug the gaps to stop the money leaks and put your club on the road to becoming more financially secure on Football Manager 2012.

Tactic Tips

If you would prefer to use downloadable tactics in FM then head on over to our Football Manager 2012 Tactics page where we have hand-chosen some of the best tactics on offer in the community.

More To Come

Bookmark this page because this list of tips will be added to daily as I write up my best hints and advice for Football Manager 2012.