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Utilities - Aid The Boss


There are a wide range of tools and utilities for Football Manager 2012 that can do a number of different things. From checking the potential of a young player to removing the injuries of players on your team. Here are a few of the best available.

FM2012 Time Machine

The time machine is a group of save games that you can download and start playing. You can start your game in any year up to 2020 which can be used for a number of different reasons. Some people would rather start there managerial career a couple of seasons in as they find the first year two boring in Football Manager, others may just want to download a random year in the future to check on the best wonderkids and how they have developed.


FM Genie Scout

FM Genie Scout (or Genie Scout in short) is world’s most popular scouting tool for Football Manager, created to extend the possibilities of finding, sorting and shortlisting players and staff, controlling their progress, making “first 11” and tactics choice easier and observing attributes invisible in FM.


Football Manager Real Time Editor better known as FMRTE is an in game editor and scouting for the Football Manager series. It has almost all basic editing features you’d expect to see in an in-game editor, such as changing a Player’s Attributes, Personal Info or Contract. You can also edit a Club’s Info, Finances or Stadium.

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