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Football Manager 2013 Facepack: Ultimate Download
Football Manager 2013 Facepack

The Ultimate Football Manager 2013 Facepack

Containing over 110,000 player faces and staff photos, this is without a doubt the ultimate Football Manager 2013 facepack download.

Created by the awesome guys over at Sortitoutsi, I have been using this facepack for the last few years and it never fails to amaze me. They have faces for players all over the globe and best of all, they are just simple cut out photos as you can see below, none of that flashy stuff.

Football Manager 2013 Facepack

Football Manager 2013 Facepack


  1. Download the facepacks from the button below and unzip the download using a program such as Winzip or Winrar.
  2. Once unzipped, create a folder called ‘Facepacks’ and place the unzipped files into this newly created folder
  3. Place this Facepacks folder in My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2013/Graphics (You may need to create the ‘Graphics’ folder if it isn’t there already.
  4. Open up Football Manager 2013 and navigate to preferences and then the interface tab
  5. Tick ‘always reload skin on confirm’ and un tick ‘skin cache’
  6. The faces should now appear in-game, note: you may need to start a new game for the changes to take effect


  • otnemem

    link is broken 🙁

  • Frankie 7

    Link works fine here

  • Stephen Boyes

    how the hell do i install this on a macbook air

  • HaxpeT

    this is old faces, not updated since like fm10. Stop fooling people, damn retards.

  • Sir Arne

    It´s all good, Keep it coming !! #greatwork

  • Steve

    hi I downloaded all the parts individually, have put them all into a graphics folder, have reloaded skin and started new game but no faces..any ideas?

    • El Hera

      first clear chache then reload skin and it will work!

  • The Dane

    I automatically get redirected to sortitoutsi.net and they wont let me download unless im a premium member 🙁

  • Michiel

    This package is only working in when you are using the English language and not on other languages like Dutch, how can I solve this??

  • ramborhys

    ive just been re-directed to the page, signed up then you’re given the option to subscribe to a premium membership which means the data comes as 1 file (instead of 12 individual downloads) and it takes6 mins as apposed to 2 1/2 hrs to download. its only a tenner i thought, cant be arsed to wait 3 hrs (im not very patient). turns out it still takes over 2 hrs. moral of this rant, dont be dumb like me, save your money.

  • alienoxcaso

    Win Vista/7/8: C:Users\DocumentsSports InteractiveFootball Manager 2013graphics
    Win 2000/XP: C:Documents and Settings\My DocumentsSports InteractiveFootball Manager 2013graphics
    Win 98/ME: C:My DocumentsSports InteractiveFootball Manager 2013graphics
    Mac OS X: /Users//Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2013/graphics/
    Create the folder “graphics” if it doesn’t exist.
    Run Football Manager 2013 and go to: Preferences > Interface
    Make sure that you tick the check box on the page called ‘Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences’ and un-tick then box saying ‘Use caching to decrease page loading times’.
    There should be a box that pops up saying ‘loading image data for the new skin’. Once this is done your graphics should be working within the game.

  • awesome guys well done again… great pics, keep up the good work my sons!!

  • Anjasmara

    It’s Great…..
    visit me diobidam.blogspot.com

  • Rob

    Hi! Would you like to download something in 21 installments where each installment leads to a site with more popups than a children’s book?
    We’ve got just what you’re looking for…

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