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FM2010 Time Machine - Aid The Boss

FM2010 Time Machine

Your probably thinking wtf! But let me explain, I have decided to emulate a ‘time-machine’ in Football Manager terms. I have holidayed many seasons in different countries and saved the game after each year. This will allow you, the fans, to download a save from 2010 or any year up to 2025, I will be looking to further the years soon, but I wanted to use 2025 as a solid base to get lots of different countries done. ย This post will be updated every time a new country on FM2010 gets ‘time machine’d’ and I will link you to the post which will contain the list of saves for that specific country.

I hope you enjoy this feature, because it will allow you to start a new game but in the future, just by downloading a save game. It’s as simple as that….Do you want to play with all regens in the year 2025? Or just get the first season over and done with because its boring? The time machine has alot of possibilities and different scenarios for you to utilize so enjoy.

Countries so far:







  • Paul Reubens

    Hi Dan

    Are you hot?

  • hei

    it might help if you give an idea of where clubs are in these years

  • Hi Dan,

    I think it would be excellent if people could reveal who becomes amazing from each country in each of the years above so we can snap them up now in the earlier years. In all honesty we want to buy english players who can communicate with the team and create a better harmony.

  • Dan

    To the second comment, People could just download the save games and check themselves although I could think about doing a little write up of each country this weekend.

    And yeah I agree about sharing players, some people do not like to play like that but I may have a screenshot request where people can ask for a screenshot of a specific player from any year and I will post it up for them ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • BrondbyIF

    Hi Dan.
    Can you make a Danish version. We’re some dahnish people who really want to play the save game in danish version. ๐Ÿ™‚

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