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Goals Galore 2012 - Aid The Boss

Goals Galore 2012

Another great tactic found over at FM-Base, this was created by Koflock and aims to create a huge amount of chances in every game you play.

The Play
I have to say this tactic is the best tactic I’ve created. I’ve finally been able to make the team play beautiful, create a lot of chances, score goals, and defend well.

The defense of this tactic is Barca-like. The back four pushes up the d-line with offside trap on with the whole team pressing the opponent from the front.
The main thing is to win the ball as further up the field as possible and try to launch a quick counter

Midfields are in charge as transition and control. They drop deep when the defender gets the ball. And when the ball is on opponent’s half they will push up just outside the penalty area, looking for through ball opportunities.
With fullbacks bombing forward, you will find yourself outnumbering the opponent and got at least one or two frontman in free space.

The wingers are the destroyer. As n he will turn your opponent’s defense upside down. He will take on defenders cutting inside, dragging defenders and most of the time slide a through ball to the striker who’s in open space.
They also serve as goal scoring threat as the opposite wingers can feed a diagonal pass to other pass or from the midfield and striker.

The Striker is your main man. He’s gotta be quick, flair, has good balance, and a good finisher. He will be the end of most passes. Expect him to run with the ball from a deeper area and score wonder goals as well. 
That’s why you need a very good striker in this tactic. Someone like Hulk, Loic Remy, Sturridge would be great.

Basically with this tactic, when defense the whole team is on full pressing mode and when they’re attacking, everyone have their role and at the same time attacking as a unit.
You can see the front 3 has been working magic. In any team I tested. Expect at least 5 CCC per game if your team gets it right

  • vish8686

    this is a shit tactic.. down 4-0 to man city at half time n i was using chelsea

  • Great formation really attacking I’m Coventry championship and didn’t have an answer was loosing every game now beating team in 3rd awesome 🙂 thanks

  • few

    how can i use the file into the game?