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Hitler reacts to FM2011 Parody [Video] - Aid The Boss

Hitler reacts to FM2011 Parody [Video]

I made a Hitler parody about some of his thoughts of Football Manager 2011. This is completley made up (obvious) and not my own thoughts of the game, but a light hearted video which will hopefully give you some laughs 🙂

Sorry for the quality of the subtitles, I couldn’t find a colour that was visible on every frame because of the light map in the video, but hopefully you still enjoy it!


Let me know what you think!

  • “the trick is to save”…..really funny mate, great video!

  • MDP

    Why are you delete my comment? Would you like only good respond?

    • Dan

      I’m not bothered about what people think, if you don’t like it I would like people to tell me why and not just troll. So far I have had a huge amount of positive responses, and the criticism has been constructive and allowing me to imrprove for my next video 🙂

  • Pete

    Great video mate, well done.

  • N33

    hahaha! ” now fuck off and win me some titles”
    ” im gonna knee cap em ”
    < avatar saying studio director " 😀 i enjoyed it… AND I AGREE!!!! F*** S.I lol

  • Lol, that was a surprise. Looks like you’ve founded a new type of fun FM content, isn’t it? 🙂
    I created fun FM Strips once, trying to do smth new.

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  • Julio

    Nice one, very droll 🙂
    LMAO @ ” we were knocked out in the quliafying stages on away goals”
    Funnier still if your a Spurs fan…

    (The only problem is when you understand the German it diminishes the fun! If you do speak German – turn off the audio, and it’s a hilarious)