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How to Play Football Manager 2010 Online Tutorial - Aid The Boss

How to Play Football Manager 2010 Online Tutorial

I am sure most of you already know how to play FM Online with your friends, but there are many who do not, So I thought I would write a quick brief tutorial on how to play Football Manager 2010 online. Ok, so to play online with your friends you will need:

NOTE: Both of you will need to have the same patch installed, eg If you want to play on Patch 10.2, then you will both need it.

Step One

Decide which one of you is going to be hosting the game. The person that is hosting needs to start a new game using a patch both of you have, and do the normal FM steps to creating a game depending on what countries you want loaded. The person hosting also needs to go into preferences -> network and tick the box that says ‘Run as Server’

Step Two

Install Hamachi and once you have loaded it up click the power/on button:

Step Three

If you have going to be hosting the online game, then you will need to click the network tab at the top and click ‘Create a New Network’, a box will now appear where you will have to put in a unique ID and password. If you are joining your friend who is hosting the network, you need to click network tab and click ‘Join Existing Network’ and enter the id and password your friend used.

Step Four

Ok so at this stage the host has started a new game in FM and waiting, created a network on hamachi and the other person(s) have joined the hamachi network. The last step is for the person who is joining the network to load up FM, and go to ‘Join Network Game’ on the home FM2010 screen. Next the person should click join other server in the corner, and enter the ip address of the host THAT IS DISPLAYED ON THE HOSTS HAMACHI.

Step Five

Once the person has entered the hamachi IP of the host, they should be entered into the hosts game and ready to create a new manager and pick a team, so my final step is enjoy the network game, have fun and remember to Play, Win and Rub It In (Thought I would add in the Football Manager Live slogan there :D)