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Football Manager 2012 Money Making Tips

4 Little Known Ways to Make Money on Football Manager 2012

Making money is a big part of football. Clubs need to make money to be able to have the luxury of signing players and affording the big wages.

Here are four great ways for your club to make money on Football Manager 2012, putting you in a more financially secure position, helping you to cover costs and afford those big name players that your club is destined to sign.

Play The Market

Free transfers can be a great way to make a quick buck. When players contracts are expiring, search around for some targets. Start your search in December as players contracts usually end in June and this is when you can go into talks with them to grab them on a free before they sign for another club. The players you sign on a free won’t usually be good enough for your first team, but put them on the bench for a few weeks and given them some small game time and you should easily be able to find a buyer for them by the next transfer window.

If your looking for free players at the start of the game, check out my list of Football Manager 2012 free players which also comes with a downloadable shortlist

Sell Your Junk

This is an obvious but often overlooked tip but selling off some of your reserve players is a great way to bring in extra cash if your struggling financially. Most clubs will have some decent players in the reserves and not only will you be able to get a nice amount of money by selling them, you can also substantially lower your wage bill. The players in reserves are usually older but they still posses great quality and if they are surplus to your requirements then there should always be clubs sniffing. However, sometimes it will be difficult getting a fair price for them so you may have to offload them very very cheaply, but don’t forget you will be cutting your wage bill allowing you to turn over higher profits in the long run.


For small sides, friendlies can be an awesome way of making money and despite how easy it can can be, many managers are still unaware of it.  Set up as many friendlies as you can away to bigger clubs to attract the fans and TV money. If the games are televised you will obviously benefit from the proceeds but you will also take a percentage of the gate receipts. As a league 2 team getting a friendly at Old Trafford, you should be in for a big pay day and this really is a great way to make some additional funds for the club out of nothing, with little or no work from you.

Many countries have long breaks around christmas time giving you a perfect chance to set the friendlies up. Put out your reserves or some of your bench warmers out to avoid injuries, it doesn’t matter about the result you just want fans in the stadium.

Buy Back Clauses

Buy back clauses can be a way to make cash quickly. If you have some promising youngsters but your not sure whether they will ever cut it, sell them with a buy back clause. Not only will you get cash, you will save on wages. If for some reason they do develop into world beating superstars, you can buy them back fo a relatively low price. However, be careful as if the club you sold to sells him on, you lose this clause and the player is gone for good, so I would advise you add a % of next transfer when doing this just to be on the safe side.

What Next?

Now you’ve cut your costs and earned a bit of cash, you may want to check out our Football Manager 2012 Wonderkids list to snap up some of the hottest youngsters in the game.

Don’t forget to get in touch me on twitter and let me know how you get on with the money making methods described above!