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Football Manager 2012 Money Saving Tips

4 Little Known Ways to Save Money on Football Manager 2012

Following up on yesterdays money making tips, I have put together a few tips to effectively cut your costs and increase your profits in Football Manager 2012. Keeping costs down is just as important as bringing in more cash, as you wan’t to maximise your profits and make sure your not letting money leak out of the club your managing.

Here a few popular ways you can plug the gaps and leaks from your club on Football Manager 2012.

1. Remove Pay Rises

By removing the pay rise clause, you will have much more control over what you are paying your players. When buying a big name star, the contract will usually have a % wage rise each year. This will mean that if you are paying Balotelli £150,000 a week with a 15% yearly rise, after just 2 seasons he will be on a mammoth £200,000.

If this is the case with several of your players, your wage budget will be astronomical after a couple of seasons, and the extra money you save by removing these players could easily be used to lure 2 or 3 other players into the club.This is an obvious one, but I have to admit I used to just agree to all of the contract terms when signing a player without ever really adjusting them. Agents are greedy so the initial demands are high but you will usually always be able to take off the clauses so mak sure you try!

2. Loan Out Reserves

Going back to one of my posts in my money making tips article, reserves really are eating up your funds. Apart from the promising youngsters, they are un-needed players who can sometimes carry hefty wage bills with them. By loaning them out and letting another club pay their wages, you will save a tonne of money and shed huge amounts off of the wage bill. Of course, it’s always good to have a few reserves incase things go horribly wrong with injuries, but for the most part this will not happen.

3. Exploit Agents

Most people, including me, hate the introduction of agents to Football Manager. Why have they made it so difficult to agree a contract! However, the introduction of agents can be used in your favour by exploiting the greed of these agents. We all know agents are greedy, so offering agents more money can often make them act selfishly.  Usually I reduce the wages of a player by a fair amount, and then offer quite a lot more for the agent’s fee. Make sure you work this out first, as your aim is to pay more up front now to save more in the future. Giving the agent too much would be pointless as you could end up paying out more than you would have anyway. Although this will eat your funds up in the short term, your wage bill can stay low over time allowing you the luxury of being able to afford big stars in the future

4. Renew Contracts

This is a tip that we can directly link to real world football and especially recent transfer saga’s (Nasri et al). The earlier you can tie down a player the cheaper they will be. Now, I know your all thinking that this is obvious, but many fail to realise that this is implemented into Football Manager 2012 so by doing this you are ensuring the financial position of your club in the long term.

Signing your players up long before their contract is due to expire and for a longer period of time will prevent them either forcing you to pay higher wages or selling them for lower than their value. Once interest comes in from other clubs, agents will use this to bump the  players wages even higher. Players/Agents will know that the club is in a desperate position and they can either accept the high wage demands of a player or risk losing him for free to a rival club.

What Next?

Use these tips effectively and your club will coast to being financially secure, but if you want to increase revenue then follow my money making tips and you will be firing on all fronts.

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