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Nicolas Otamendi - Aid The Boss

Nicolas Otamendi

He is rapidly becoming a favourite in the FM community, and at a young age for a small fee, nobody can say no. Nicolas Otamendi is a 21 year old wonderkid centre back from Argentina. At the start of the game he plays for Atletico Velez with a value of around £3m. Here is a screenshot of his stats:


As you can tell by his stats, which are amazing for someone so young, that Otamendi is a strong centre back who will rip opposition attackers and be a solid key player in your team. His technical attributes are not the greatest; however he does have decent attributes in the defence atts such as 15 for tackling and marking. In my opinion, his mental and physical attributes more than make up for it, especially his physical atts that are all mostly 16 or higher.


Defenders are usually not that versatile, and Otamendi can only play in the centre back position. I suggest playing him as the right centre back because his left foot is very weak. This could cost your team goals if he is under pressure on his left foot. He is best suited to the central defender role, and not as a ball playing defender because his passing, creativity and decision making is not quite there.


Otamendi is in high demand from a lot of the top teams in Europe in real life as well as Football Manager 2010, so you have to be quick in getting your offer in as usually he is snapped up straight away. Nicolas Otamendi can be picked up for between £4-7m. I highly suggest if you have the funds that you try to get him at your team. I have managed him several times incluindg my current Arsenal game if you are following, and he is averaging well over a 7 every match.

Nicolas Otamendi is a great player now, with great potential, so I highly recommend him if you can afford him.

My Rating: 9/10

  • Hi Dan, I am a huge fan of Otamendi as well. I didn’t sign him at the start of the game and I can’t believe his attributes have changed so much in my game! he is probably in the top 6 or 7 centre backs in the world on my game, november 2013. I had to pay $22.5 million for him, but he’s been worth every penny!

  • Dan

    Yeah he is an amazing player, always try to get him quickly when I start a new game because he is so damn cheap 😀

  • Hi Dan, he is currently in his 2nd season and I must say he is one of my best buys ever. The first person I looked up when I booted the game was him, and I’ve never looked back since. Good analysis on him (: Cheers!
    .-= FootballManagerGuru´s last blog ..Wolves Stays Defiantly In Top 3 =-.

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