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Regen Creation Dates in Football Manager 2010 - Aid The Boss

Regen Creation Dates in Football Manager 2010

Something I discovered earlier today by browsing http://www.theawaystand.co.uk was the fact that the regens  in Football Manager 2010 are created on a specific day dependant on there nationality. Although this was nothing like a shock, It was just something useful that I thought I would share with my readers.

Firstly, if you are wondering what a regen is, they are the players that are generated through out your Football Manager save so that there is never a shortage of players. When the old players retire, new players must come through the youth academies etc in the game to make sure there is no player shortage, and if you get far enough in the game every play will be a regen/’made-up’ player.

Anyways, I found the creation dates interesting because it will allow me to know the dates of certain countries creations, so in future on a certain day in my game I can search for the regen’s (u16’s) from that country to try to find a hidden gem or wonderkid before anybody else does. A pretty useful piece of information if you, like me are one that is always on the hunt for the next generation of players and enjoy developing them from a young age.  The regen creation dates are as folllows:

January 1 Brazil, Chile
January 5 Rep. Ireland, Iceland
January 7 Finland
January 10 Colombia
January 15 Africa (except South Africa)
January 20 Norway
January 28 Peru
February 14 Belarus
June 7 Baltic States, Georgia, Bosnia, Cyprus, Armenia, Montenegro, Albania
June 20 Germany, Ukraine, Portugal, France, Turkey, Israel, Australia, Scotland, Hungary, Croatia, N.Ireland, Greece, Switzerland
June 24 England, Austria
June 29 Slovakia
June 30 Italy, Czech Rep, Poland
July 1 Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia
July 7 Denmark, Holland
July 10 Serbia, Spain
July 15 South Africa
July 20 Mexico
August 1 Argentina, Uruguay
September 19 North/Central America & Caribbean, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, Paraguay
December 9 Japan, Middle East
December 27 Russia, USA, China, Sweden

Hopefully this information will be of good use to you, I am hoping it can help me in my current save to bring in some amazing wonderkids!!

  • This could turn out to be pretty useful, thanks.
    .-= Johnny Karp´s last blog ..Oxford United:September 2009 =-.

  • Thanks Dan, that could be really helpful.
    .-= Laxeyman´s last blog ..Oxford United:September 2009 =-.

  • Foxo

    Direct Copy from here: Please credit me and ask for permission first in future!


  • Dan

    I did come across the info browsing your forums, but this is part of the game and it was only the exact dates that I used for this article. But fair enough I will put up a link to theawaystand in my article because that’s where I found out the dates.

  • Oh my god Dan! This is very very helpful! Thanks a lot!
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  • zam

    Dan .. such a helpful info you provide here. I didn’t think about it until I saw your post. Good job man!
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  • This whole website is a direct cnp from FMPundit. PLEASE GIVE FUTURE CREDIT BECAUSE LEVO LOVES AN EGO RUB.

    These dates are very useful indeed, you should make use of them in a better way. Give them a lovely feature in Useful FM Things.
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  • Dan

    Hahahaha 😀

  • Andy

    just asking, what abt asian countries?
    and how do you find these gems?
    FMRTE? Genie Scout?

  • this post is very usefull thx!

  • dinthead

    If you start in England on July 2009 do you get regens appear in the first year say in Argentina and Uruguay in the first August or will they start after the first season.

  • Alex

    if you absolutely HAVE to have the best regens you can save your game a day or two before the dates mentioned above, and if you have the nation active on your database you can just keep re-loading it and searching through the regens until you find that perfect one, because it makes random ones each time on those dates