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How to Score from Corners in FM2010 - Aid The Boss

How to Score from Corners in FM2010

This is a question I get asked loads and I have tried long and hard to make a new corner tactic that will work. After browsing various FM forums including FM-Britain.co.uk, and taking different ideas and suggestions from people, I have finally created a corner tactic that has given me some incredible results so far!

NOTE: I have been notified that there are different versions of this tactic and the same one that have already been created. I would just like to say that I had absolutely no idea of any of these and have been working on this tactic for over a week now. I started off with something completely different and think I tried a total of 9 different set-ups until I got to this one. So fair enough, I will take no credit for this (not like I wanted credit anyway) but just to share with my blog readers to improve there results.

So far in my Barcelona save, Xavi has scored 8 goals from corners in just 7 games. You are wondering why Xavi is the one scoring, because most corner tactics have a tall DC heading them in the 6 yard box right? Not this one, this is definatley the ultimate corner tactic and this is how I set it up.


First you must Chose your corner taker (the person with the highest attribute for corners), and in advanced team instructions set your corners to penalty area. Now you need to set up the individual player instructions which will make your tactic work, select a players instructions, click advanced and near the bottom it will have two corner settings, we will be editing the attack instruction for all players. So, here is what I did:

Set my two full backs to ‘Stay Back’

Both Centre backs to ‘Challenge Keeper’

My 2 wingers to ‘Stand on Far Post’

My CM with the highest attributes for Long Shots, First Touch and Technique to ‘Lurk Outside Area’ – This player will be the one scoring your goals

Both of my strikers to ‘Near Post Flick-on’

You will notice that there is only 9 players, one of them is the keeper of course, and the other player will be the one taking the corners. It does not matter who you chose to do what, eg instead of having your 2 wingers on stand on far post, you could use your strikers or whatever. Also, the player does not have to be a CM to score goals, pick the player with the highest attributes for the one’s I mentioned above.

NOTE: If you decide to swap some players around, make sure you have the right number of players at each location. 2 players staying back, 2 players on challenge keeper, 2 players on stand on far post, 2 players near post flick on, and one player lurking outside the area.

The idea is that the opposition will be busy marking the players disrupting the keeper in the box, and will leave the player lurking outside the area unmarked. Here is an image of Xavi scoring a goal using this tactic.

As you can see, Xavi is unmarked, and because his long shots, technique and first touch are all good, he will score 9 times out of 10 in this set-up. Also Iniesta is getting a lot of assists of course which bumps up his average ratings.


I hope this tactic works for you, I am confident it will, and would love some comments from you telling me how it is going for you if you try it. If you have any questions or queries I will be happy to assist you and clear up any questions you have. So, have you used this tactic and how is it going for you?

  • Only used it with Barca so far? It’s looking promising \o/
    .-= Skacel´s last blog ..English Journeyman =-.

  • G

    isn’t this just the world famous corner exploit? Some users have scored double figures in a single match using it.

  • hm

    are you kidding?
    you created this tactic?

  • Hi Dan, good tactic, I will try it out. Another that has worked quite well is FM Guru’s, that has meant i’ve scored a few crucial goals, corners can make all the difference.
    .-= Laxeyman´s last blog ..Newcastle press on into 2010! =-.

  • Melo

    It’s cheats like you that ruin the community.

  • the tactic stealer

    why try take credit for somthing u clearly didnt come up with wtf

  • big fat jobby farter i am

    im a big fat jobby tosser just like u

  • Dan Monksfield

    Stop trolling get a life. And if you read my note at the top of the post you will see the explanation so please read before you troll 🙂

  • Melo

    Why do you feel the need to cheat?

  • Amy

    Why do you feel the need to cheat?

  • alan

    i did what u told about the tactic
    but my corner taker never gives the ball to “lurk outside area”man
    any suggestion?

  • tazerbager

    why is everyone having a go, if you didn’t want to know anything about the corner “trick” / “cheat” then don’t come on to the blog.. pretty simple really.

    anyway, this works pretty well, could really help some people when they are struggling, and as the FM game is about success and winning i think this tactic works well.. well done

  • rm

    it doesn’t work.

    got all the settings on. corners set to penalty area. 10.3 update

    and i never, ever score. the shot is always blocked.

  • rm

    i’m spurs. Huddlestone shoots but blazes it over all the time or it gets blocked. Bale usually takes them. Those 2 are lurking. the rest are in pairs doing the other corner instructions. I might just have to buy a player with 20 rating for long shots!!!

    It is a cheat I suppose (if I can get it to work)!! Once I do i wont use it, as i dont want to win every game 10-0.

    i say thanks for posting it!! (But tell me how to get it working!!)

  • Troll

    “I would just like to say that I had absolutely no idea of any of these and have been working on this tactic for over a week now.”

    This made me laugh, the corner exploit had been out for nearly 2 months before you posted this. You took a quick look on the SI forums, stole the exploit and tried to pass it off as your own! Poor effort if you ask me. You even tried to defend yourself making out you created it which makes me laugh even more!

  • Trying to pass it as your won it pretty pathetic, come on who do think your fooling we ain’t dumb and true FM connoisseurs don’t use unrealistic methods to win games it defeats the whole concept.

  • Jedd

    Don’t worry about people trying to put you down, this is a good corner tactic. I stumbled upon it myself, without help also, but there were one or two things that needed tweaking. Thanks to you I have now filled in the missing parts of my puzzle


  • Mosquit0

    Woow, xavi scored 31 goals in 48 games for me:D
    i think 25 of them was from corner:D

  • Mosquit0

    his average rating was 8.21!!! 😀

  • skippy

    Hey. This seems like a good idea, but it doesn’t work for me. I am using Sunderland and I have done everything you said, yet the player outside the box is always marked.