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Start of my FM11 Career - Aid The Boss

Start of my FM11 Career

Just like I did when I first started Aid The Boss in march, I am going to write about my career and travels on FM2011 starting today! Previously I had started various games on FM11 to get used to it, but now I have decided to focus on a long term game. I have chosen to manage my beloved favourite club Arsenal.

Transfers In

  • Neymar (£15.5m) – I knew as soon as I started the save that I wanted to make Neymar an Arsenal player. At just 18 years old, he is one of the best wonderkids in the game, and I’m sure with some great training he will be one of the best players in the game!
  • Diego Benaglio (£13.5m) – Anybody who follows football will know that Arsenal have a keeper problem. I tried for many goalkeepers as I knew I needed one, but no clubs were willing to sell. Although Benaglio is good, I think I overpaid but I had to get a new keeper, and he is still young.

Transfers Out

  • Tomas Rosicky (£3.4m) – This was my own sale in the transfer window, Rosicky is ageing and I didn’t see a place for him in my squad, so felt the need to get rid of him. Furthermore, I needed the funds for this transfer to buy my overpriced Benaglio.

Media Prediction

As always, Arsenal are never predicted to win the Premiership because we slip up every season, and in FM11, we are predicted to finish 4th. I think the transfers I have made, and the current squad ability, we should easily be able to challenge for the title. Of course, I am hoping for a champions medal, but I would settle for 2nd spot because will allow us to build on the squad for next season.


I have opted for a classic 4-4-2 tactic for my first season at Arsenal. I believe the current squad is best suited to a 4-4-2, and this is usually my preferred tactic on all versions of FM. I have pushed my wingers up into more attacking positions, as I think both Arshavin and Nasri will thrive in these roles. Also, just as I always do, I have gave one of my CM’s an attacking role (Fabregas) and the other a defensive role (Song) to give my midfield a nice balance. Here you can see my tactics and chosen line up for the season:

This first post is just to show use the formation I will be playing for the season and a summary of what I have done with the club and what my aim’s are for Arsenal. My next post will be an update of my results for the first couple of months of the season, and showing you development of my players and how the squad/tactic is doing so kepe an eye out for it.

Comments are welcome, especially if you have managed Arsenal on FM11 and have some tips for me!

  • Rob

    I use 442 as well, best tactic!! Gd luck with season, Neymar is quality player he should be amazin!


  • Dan

    Yeah Neymar is my favourite youngster on FM11. Lots of people have said he can turn out good, so with the great coaches at Arsenal and my training regime I set up for him, he should be a world beater 😀

  • Boris

    It all depends on your ability to match the opponents tactics on each occasion. You have a good squad but it usually isn’t enough. Good luck!

  • Runciter

    thats why I love FM, last year I played in Brazil, and already had Neymar in my team. in a few months he slowly became a star IRL.

  • Dan

    Yeah I agree, it’s awesome discovering/hearing about wonderkids on FM, and then you start to hear about them more in real life. Shows how much effort goes into the FM database imo!

  • kevin

    Hi Daniel
    Nice looking site and good luck with your Arsenal career!

  • Mike

    Isn’t that a 4-2-4?

  • Dan

    Well I still think that primarily 4 defenders, 4 mids and 2 strikers. It could be argued that its a 4-2-4 beacuse of how attacking the wingers are, but I dont think it makes that much of a difference what its called imo.

    • Its a 4-4-2 in convential terms, as the 4-5-1 can also be called a 4-3-3. Formations are very flexiable things to interpret and can be hard.

      I play a conventional 4-4-2 two flat banks of 4 but when attacking my formation could also be described as a 4-2-4 as the wingers are often along side the attackers

  • speedphlux

    IMO, Neymar + van Persie isn’t the greatest strikers’ pair. Chamakh should be one half of the pair. Maybe him as a Target Man Support, plus Neymar as Poacher. Or Chamakh as Target Man Attack and van Persie as Treqarista ? But then comes the question with the wingers – why AMR/L instead of MR/L ?? You should be having troubles vs 4-5-1s and 4-1-4-1s.

  • Good signing in Neymar though seems to have two similar style strikers in RVP and Neymar it will be interesting to see how they play together and how they affect the rest of the team, would have been good to see more about your tactical outlook with the team as opposed to you saying your just going to play a simple 442. It could be a possability to have Neymar a DLP, RVP a TQ and then have your two wingers as inside forward coming inside and feeding off the front two and forming some what a 4-2-4 that draws the opposition out. I think your full backs are good enough to be able to add width therefore to the team.

  • Dan

    Yeah I probably should have gone into more detail about the tactics I’m playing, but my next post with updates on results will have some analysis on the tactics and what’s being doing well/ not so well!

    Thanks for all the comments

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  • DantheMan

    do u play the same team in the league as you do in europe or do you rotate the squad?

  • another good youngster is juan manuel mata
    his stats are goodd and he performs well i would play him where arshavin plays and sell arshavin

  • jimbo

    i splashed 30m on hugo lloris for my first signing lol

  • Nod

    The keeper I bought with arsenal was Rene Adler, who has a minimum release around $15 million, which wasn’t so bad when I managed to offload Almunia at full value.

    In terms of strikers, I found van persie to be a superstar, at a goal a game he is fantastic! Also, he has been tutoring my youngster Dale Jennings from Tranmere, who IRL is going to be a superstar!