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Ultimate FM2011 Walkthrough Guide - Aid The Boss

Ultimate FM2011 Walkthrough Guide

The Ultimate FM Walkthrough Guide presents you with the biggest and most comprehensive strategy manual ever created for the Football Manager™ series. Jam-packed with solid, no-nonsense advice, this eBook will lead you through managing your squad on and off the pitch to the stratospheric levels you have only ever dreamed of previously.
  • 108 pages of quality tips and in-depth insight on Football Manager 2011 you will not find anywhere else, no padding, no filler.
  • A step-by-step strategy for success from FM beta testers in all facets of the game including: tactics, training, scouting & squad management.
  • Written in an easy-to-read format with no overcomplicated technical or mathematical wording at all; the guide is completely understandable to any avid football fan.

Jordan Cooper and Wonderkid recentley came together to launch perhaps the best Football Manager e-book to date. This packed book features pages upon pages of useful FM2011 tips, hints, tricks and inside information that you seriously will not find anywhere else.

After being sent a review copy, I have read through the book and loved it. One of the best things about the book though is that it has been organised in a way that you can easily find what your looking for, by looking at the contents for a specific section of just using the search tool. This means that if your ever wondering about something or need some tips, you can open it up at any time and find what your looking for.

This is half supposed to be a ‘review’, so I do have one criticism of the book, 108 pages is a hell of a lot of pages & words, and in my opinion the font is a bit small. But the creators of the book make up for this with the easy to grasp tables throughout, helping us understand each section easier, and outlining the very best tips.

Straight from the writers, here are 10 things you’ll find in The Ultimate FM Walkthrough Guide :

1. The Philosophy of Football Management: How to look beyond the game as a spectator and interpret the puzzle. Understand the real dynamics.

2. Approaching The Job: A step-by-step to-do list to easily set up and immerse yourself into a new club. Cover the basics and jump into success.

3. Footballer Genetics: Understanding current/potential ability, attributes, personality traits and preferred moves. What they mean and how to exploit them.

4. Tactical Superiority: Designing formations, philosophies, playing styles, roles, duties, positioning and set pieces. Learn to create tactical masterpieces.

5. Scouting Dynamics: How to build a squad, discover the right talent and assemble the perfect backroom staff team. Learn to look beyond the statistics and see the real player.

6. Training Regime: Getting impactful results from schedules, coaches, tutoring and cultivating a youth squad. Immediately grasp the brand new module for FM2011!!

7. Match Preparation: How to conduct effective pre-match analysis, interpretation and set killer opposition instructions. Discover the real secret to winning games before you kick-off.

8. Touchline Instructions: Understanding each manager shout to make game-changing tactical decisions on the fly. Master the sidelines and command the team.

9. Player Psychology: Inspire your team to glory with pre/post-match team talks and utilizing the assistant manager. Get inside their heads and get them to perform when you need them to.

10. Statistical Analysis: Measuring your club’s performance to tweak management style by reviewing match results. Learn how to find tactical bugs and stop them from occuring.

With 108 pages of strategic hints, tips and advice for our beloved Football Manager, The Ultimate FM Walkthrough Guide really does what it says, and will be useful to all fans of the game, just like me.

The book costs £6.95, but don’t be scared. Despite me being sent a copy for free, I have purchased my own because it’s that awesome, and I think the creators deserve the money for such a great book!

  • Daniel – there is an error is your review. Just for clarification, FM-Britain has no part in producing this guide and neither does FM Fanboys or Los Wonderkids. It is an independent project of Wonderkid and mine, and it is ours alone.

    While all three of the sites listed are indeed supporting the guide with promotion and good review, none have actually taken part in releasing it. In order to avoid a conflict of interest since we both are administrators elsewhere, third parties from those sites will be reviewing it (and had the choice whether to support it or not).

    I’d appreciate it if you make this correction in your post. I wouldn’t want to convey information or give the perception or something that is not actually true. Thanks!

    • Dan

      Hey Jordan, sorry about that, total misunderstanding on my part!

      Corrected it now, thanks for letting me know. Do not want to be giving out wrong information.


  • Pay? For someone’s hard work?

    This won’t go down well with the forum anarchists…

  • Dan, thanks for the review!

    Andy, of course not! People don’t believe anyone spending months (1800+ hours) writing a guide would need to pay bills or eat; but the sad truth is, I do.

    SI/SEGA, dislike the idea that someone would (and I quote) “remove the value from the community”, but they fail to understand that no-one wants to spend weeks scouring the Internet looking for forum threads which **might** have useful information.

    What I’ve created is (in the words of others) a complete encylopedia for Football Manager, which allows people to download all the answers they need to enjoy the game they’ve bought.

    I actually own my own fansite and it’s fair to say that we won’t be negatively affected by this guide at all. It will remove anyone who only visits to find the basic answers to the game SI fail to provide, yes; however, it will filter the people who want something minimal, with people who want to become part of the community and add to the quality of the site. Essentially it encourages a healthier, more productive community.

    I do find the whole thing quite amusing, in terms of ‘backlash’. Very few people at SI/SEGA view the community outside of the official forums, and they don’t know that my fansite (www.footballmanagerfanboys.net) is one of two (possibly three) fansites who actually offer guides and content (for free) to anyone looking for it.

    The community at large is very disappointing – leaving people with no option but to waste their time looking on forums for answers. Sadly, even if you do that, you’re often given varied opinion, rather than the facts.

    Maybe one day people will realise that it’s good to think outside of the box. Until then we’ll try to cater to the open-minded.

    Thanks again for both the feedback and support. I hope anyone who downloads the guide enjoys it.

  • I signed up to the rss feed.I really like it . Thanks!

  • shane lee


  • Darren

    Will you be providing free updates for the new releases every year?

  • A Scam and a Swindle.

    For facts(and free version of this bs):


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  • Kenny Bell

    AS I don’t like using my card on line, is there an address I can order this book from? as I am keen to buy it.

  • Mark Schueler

    Buy? Do I have mug written on me?

  • Mark

    I find it hard to trust anything in this e-book.

    The author clearly knows fuck all about football…the dumb mother fucking cunt actually thinks that the English 2010 world cup squad was full of world class players! Seriously! England doesnt have any world class players. The majority of them are overrated undertalented arrogant fucks.
    England came exactly where they were expected to come in the 2010 WC…by anyone who actually knows anything about the game…their players are talentless, lazy, stupid and clearly out of their depth.