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Wenger Style Tactics - Aid The Boss

Wenger Style Tactics

This is an extremely popular tactic for Football Manager 2012. It was created by JP Woody and I found it over on FM-Base.co.uk.

The tactic is again my favourite formation 4-2-3-1. Sorry to all the people who wanted me to make a flat 442, a few reasons behind it but the main one being 442 is so inconsistent within the game, at least i find it to be. Also wingers who play in a flat 442 are so thin in numbers in the game.

To get the best out of these tactics you need to think like Wenger when it comes to players. Pace and Technique are vital in the forward areas.

Here is the low down on the Positions.

GOALKEEPER: Your last line of defence, key attributes are Reflexes, Handling and One on ones.

FULLBACKS: They will support the attack when in possession but also need to get back when not so look for attributes in Stamina, Tackling and Crossing.

CENTRAL DEFENDERS: You don’t need no fancy Dan’s here, you want solid and dependable warriors. Think Adams and Keown. Strength, Heading and Concentration.

BALL WINNING MIDFIELDER: Your Patrick Viera. Big imposing midfield player, preferably over 6ft tall and build like a brick shit house. Tackling, Strength, Positioning and Heading.

CENTRAL MIDFIELDER: This player will look to get forward and create whenever possible. Look for Passing, Creativity and Technique.

WINGERS: Think more Marc Overmars than Theo Walcott, we want end product here. Pace and Acceleration obviously. Dribbling, Crossing and Creativity to make all that running worthwhile.

TREQUARTISTA: The main creative force of your team. The Bergkamp, the Fabregas, the play-maker. This guy needs to be a gifted player, your most gifted player. Most things will go through him. Technique obviously, also Creativity, Passing, Flair and Finishing for that extra bit of devastation.

POACHER: The cherry on the cake if you like. In my save he has scored for fun. The Ian Wright/Henry of your team. Pace, Acceleration, Finishing and composure.

Hopefully thats given you a taste of the kind of players you should be looking to bring into the squad. Obviously Rome was not built in a day and neither was a successful footy team. Built patiently and methodically.


PITCH: Think more Highbury than Emirates and go for Small.

TEAM TALKS: Everybody cringe. If this is where you struggle don’t put previous experience as Sunday League footballer, you’ll end up with about as much respect as Steve Kean and Terry Connor. Go Automatic or above. I usually go for a fans based team talk pre match and if winning a don’t get complacent based team talk at HT. If losing i give them the Hairdryer. Listen to your Ass Man though, he can guide you. I do tend not to give any praise until Full time though. Patting on the back at HT usually leads to a 2nd half collapse and capitulation in my experience.

MATCH PREP Attacking Movement. Could it be anything else with Wenger.

SHOUTS AND OPPOSITION INSTRUCTIONS: As a Practicing lazy bastard i never use either but its a tactic built using the wizard so if its your thing go ahead. If it don’t work though dont blame me. Just stop using them.

CORNERS: Always make sure your left winger takes them for best results.

POST MATCH INTERVIEWS: If the ref gets a decision wrong in your favour then you should answer “i didn’t see it” If you lose then it was down to the oppositions disgraceful tactics chopping your players in half and basically refusing to lay down and die and let you win. (A little Wenger joke there before i get some nooby questions about it.

I think thats everything. For any questions or to view screenshots please go to the thread HERE. Hope they work for you as well as they are for me. If not don’t cry like a Wenger. Its only a game after-all.

Regards JP